Looking for the best ideas to restart the world.

Planet Earth, 9th of July 2020.

If we have learned something this year, in addition to the importance of adaptability and reinvention to overcome adverse situations, it is that the role of technology has become essential in our day to day life. It has made us more united than ever, both personally and professionally, and now it is the time for society to continue advancing in this digital transformation, in order to respond to the challenges of tomorrow, in a global and collaborative way.

The Reboot The World platform was born with this objective in mind.

From this moment on we put all the knowledge at work which we have acquired in the 22 years of Campus Party, in its thousands of conferences & workshops, and from its millions of participants at the service of humanity. From now on we will focus the efforts of the physical and digital CP events on opening a process of reflection that inspires decision-makers to take the measures that the planet needs to be reinvented in a way that improves the lives of its inhabitants at all levels, from the personal to the professional one.

We believe that unfulfilled ideas are worthless, so we will fight to promote the best ideas and see them become reality. We can promise that this will be a challenge open to all campuseros on the planet and that we will not rest until we see the best ideas that help restart the world become reality. For this purpose, we need your help, your idea, your support, and you can leave yours here.

This manifesto is in itself a call to universal collaboration. If you want to participate, be it an individual or a representative of a company, NGO, institution, etc., contact us so we can talk about how we can collaborate because this is the basis for everything: talking, keeping talking, just as Stephen Hawking told us to "keep talking" in the tenth edition of Campus Party.
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